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Activities of the Humanitarian Association StanislaV

In order to achieve its goals and objectives, the Association carries out the following non-profit activities:


​Non-profit activities of the Association are:

  • intergenerational cooperation (meetings, education, help, finding the meaning of coexistence), activities of solidarity, humanitarianism and support for those in need (collection of funds and donations and only these collected funds to be distributed among the people in need),

  • volunteering activities (helping the elderly, the disabled, the local environment, lectures in various fields, cooperation with the local environment and beyond, caring for the environment, organic and other food processing, finding and deriving a new meaning of life, etc.),

  • activities for the sustainable development of man, society and nature (collecting proposals and opinions and combining them and coordinating them and carrying them out with like-minded people who are willing to work for the benefit of all mankind),

  • activities of local production and food processing and self-sufficiency (education in the field of food production in the local and wider area, bringing together like-minded and organic and other farmers, and joint marketing),

  • development of sustainable tourism (elaboration of a program that would cover sustainable tourism, which would include all sections in this field and would not harm the environment, but would bring joint promotion of the country),

  • environmental protection (education, cleaning campaigns, finding a way to stop Earth pollution),

  • counseling, guidance and coordination (counseling and assisting people in need), research, education, publishing and information (establishment of a research center to help educate and inform people in the field of the common good),

  • promoting the development of the local community (searching for new views of individuals and the whole on a particular area of the local community and uniting them, deriving ideas and education for the future generations),

  • preservation of cultural and natural heritage (execution of projects that restore older sights, put them in their original condition and make a chronology of the time when they were in use and make them public),

  • networking with similar organizations in Slovenia and with international organizations and associations (networking between non-governmental organizations and cooperation in related fields and interests, which unites and connects us),

  • involvement in the activities of the Slovenian and international non-governmental sector and beyond (participation and involvement in the activities of the Slovenian and international non-governmental sector and implementation of joint programs in individual areas that connect us to work for the good of humanity),

  • providing transport for the elderly and the disabled (arrangement of centers where volunteers with vehicles will be available for transport for the elderly and the disabled after errands, to the doctor, to the store, to the hospital, to the pharmacy, etc.),

  • a center for creating a vision of modern humanity (gathering opinions and suggestions on how to create a program for a better coexistence in the world, in all areas),

  • assistance to the elderly and disabled at home (assistance with daily tasks, providing transport, social gatherings),

  • legal advice to people in financial distress (finding a legal way out of the crisis for people in debt and putting them back to normal),

  • Center for the Meaning of Life (lectures on the possibility of a better and more humane way of life),

  • Center for the New Way of Life (the building of the center that would connect and coordinate new perspectives and opportunities for a better and more humane stay on Earth).

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