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Plave/SV: 25th of July 2020


The first founding meeting of the StanislaV Humanitarian Association for the welfare of people and nature was held on Thursday, June 4th, 2020 at 4 pm in Plave, Vojkova ulica 8. The Association was formed spontaneously with the aim of helping fellow human beings and making the world better and happier.

The founders agreed that the inhabitants of the Soča Valley and the wider surroundings and the country need such an institution that unites people in all areas of life and living and in preserving unspoiled nature.

The founders of the Humanitarian Association StanislaV are: Liljana Reljič, Veronika Devetak and Stanislav Valentinčič. Of course, many people showed us their affiliation and participation in the implementation of the entire program of the HAS association.

The Association wants to cooperate with all related organizations and associations of the same views and projects in Slovenia and beyond in the EU and the world. Only with joint efforts and ideas do we have the opportunity and success to make this world the way every inhabitant of our planet wants it.

  1. The purpose of the Humanitarian Association StanislaV is to improve the quality of the environment and the lives of people, as well as social integration and active coexistence, self-help and self-sufficiency.

  2. The goals of the Association are: to ensure the exchange of knowledge and          experience between people and to create conditions for the exchange of              information and mutual cooperation in the field of coexistence, self-                      sufficiency and the environment.

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