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Leadership of the Humanitarian Association StanislaV



President of the Humanitarian Association StanislaV.

Plave/SV: 25th of July 2020

On June 4, 2020, I became the president of the Humanitarian Association StanislaV, which is a pleasure for me, but it is also a great responsibility. I have run similar institutions in the past, but not such as HAS. I have to admit that this task is written on my skin as it is in direct contact with people and nature.

Every day I encounter the problems of people who wander in the dark and are made happy only by ego and proving, but do not see and feel the true meaning of life. They do not know how to stop and listen to themselves and feel happiness and joy in themselves and the fellow people around them. We have become lonely robots without soul and humanity, in a system of greed for power and centralism at all costs.

The time has come to first get to know ourselves and our fellow human beings in need, to find a solution together that will make everyone happy and give them new hope for life. It is too late when we realize that we are wandering around this world on our own and imagining that we are in the glow of brilliance and importance that lasts as long as we are in the game of greed, wealth, and proving. When this passes, we become a by-product of modern civilization, showing us the dark side of earthly life in its true light. Have you already been there or have you not even noticed that you are a robot without a soul and the meaning of life, without love and respect, without cooperation and help to a fellow human being, etc.? Then I put it on your heart to think and join us to make us happy and happy together in community and as individuals, until the end of our stay on this planet, EARTH.


Your Stanislav Valentinčič

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